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(A more detailed version of what we posted over to [community profile] more_than_one .)

We're the HIH Collective, HIH for short, and we also go by The Salt Institute in some places.

Born in 1994, we realised we were more than one (as opposed to one with oddly constant "imaginary friends") in 2013. We first discovered the existence of online multi communities through tumblr in early 2016, which is when we realised we weren't alone in being plural.
We consider ourselves endogenic by majority vote, but opinions as to our origins differ system-wise (if you can think of it as a way we originated, someone here is probably considering it).
We are otherwise neurodivergent, with autism and bipolar II being the main things (shared system-wide to varying degrees).

There are currently four reliably active members:

the front crew...

🐝 Abby 🐝
22 (October 22), they/them/theirself. Present since 1994. Host, frontstuck main fronter.
Spiritual kin with John Egbert (Homestuck).

They are the most closely tied to front and can't really leave it, although they're learning how to hang back when someone else wants to do things in meatspace. Default fronter in many situations.

♋ Karkat ♋
slides 19-23 (~ June 12), he/him. Present since April 2016. Main fronter.
Fictive from Homestuck, from a Game Over timeline; brought back to life upon system entry.

He's pretty much our co-host at this point, co-fronting with Abby approximately 85% of the time (with various amounts of executive control shared*) and co-conscious for most of the rest. Can hang back in headspace if he wishes to, but doesn't do it much.
[Tends to TYPE IN QUIRK/ALL CAPS, but will stop if asked.]

... and those who regularly pay attention to meatspace happenings, even if they only front occasionally.

➶ Artemis ➶
21 (September 1), he/him. Present since January 2015. Troubleshooter and strategist.
Fictive from Artemis Fowl, canon-compliant.

Artemis usually stays in his room (our local hermit... d: ), but occasionally helps with finals or when playing strategy games (aka, when the rest of us "actually do interesting things" out there). He's also a median dual system, but none of us have met his other facet (Orion) yet.

🐺 Sam 🐺
34 (May 2), he/him. Present since end 2013. Protector, adultier adult.
Fictive from Supernatural, canon-divergent past season 8.

He has fronted exactly once to remove us from a dangerous situation and in so doing earned the title of protector for our system. He's also the one stepping in to help when executive functioning flies out the window for too long.

* Karkat made a handy fronting chart a while ago (under the cut).Read more... )

Our internal communication is pretty good in general, but we do experience spells of total lack of it which usually coincide with times of high stress. We may blur a lot at seemingly random times – it hasn't happened in a good while, but who knows.

Other members whom we four cannot reach most of the time include (but are likely not limited to):

🌹 Mettaton 🌹
age unknown (February 14), he/him. Present since December 2015.
Fictive from Undertale, mostly canon-compliant.

He's been unreliably reachable since around June/July 2016. He's by far the most outgoing and talkative of all of us. He often "leaves" for months at a time without warning; when he's here, he only stays for a few hours to check in and maybe talk to people in meatspace if he's able to co-front at the time.

• Matt •
Last active ~2012/13.
Dormant. Not sharing anything about him since we can't contact him to ask how much he'd be okay with.

ꙮ The Unnamed ꙮ
very old, any pronouns. Present since 2000 or earlier. Ultimate Tank Protector.
Angelic in nature, likely a Seraph of sorts. Not reachable at will on our end; keeps an eye on us from afar and checks in in person from time to time. (Actually has a name, we just won't disclose it publicly.)


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